Ok, so I was listening to the 2-disc Special Edition soundtrack to "Mary Poppins", and on the second disc, they have an interview with Julie Andrews, Dick van Dyke, and the Sherman brothers about the movie.  And one of the last questions the interviewer asks is if they think that "Mary Poppins" would be adapted for the stage and made into a stage musical!  Dick van Dyke was very adamant that it would be, while Julie Andrews was doubtful.  She kept saying how she didn't think so many of the things in the film would work on stage (Step in Time, etc).  I found it ironic that it took nearly 50 years to turn the movie into a musical, whereas movies like Shrek, Legally Blonde, etc get transferred to Broadway in less than 10! :)   But I guess they had to wait for the technology to catch up.  But thank goodness that it finally transferred! :)

An article of great interest

Laura’s Poppin onto Broadway

Laura Michelle Kelly, the original stage Mary Poppins, will soon be ladling spoonfuls of sugar over Broadway.

The award-winning actress has been rehearsing with director Richard Eyre in New York. She will resume the famous nanny role on October 12 for a limited run.

Laura Michelle created Mary five years ago at the Prince Edward Theatre, London after try-outs in Bristol.

She won rave reviews for her crisp interpretation of the woman who swoops into Cherry Tree Lane to care for the Banks children. She was based more on the character as written by P.L. Travers than in the movie version with Julie Andrews.

When the time came to open on Broadway, Laura Michelle didn’t go with it. There were rumours of some terrible backstage row involving Laura Michelle and Cameron Mackintosh, who produced the show jointly with Disney, but no one can actually remember what the falling-out was all about.

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I go O.o at the bit about a "row with Cameron MacKintosh".
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Hi all :) I saw 'Mary Poppins' on Sunday with Scarlett in it. She was amazing! I wanted to see Gavin Lee as Bert, but Adam did a great job so I was happy. :D

But there's something that she did that made me wonder... When the Bird Woman first appears on the stage as a passer-byer, Mary Poppins freezes in her tracks and stares at her in surprise or even nervously. I was in the third row (how, I don't know lol! Got lucky :D ) so I saw it pretty clearly on her face. Do you think this hints that they know each other or she's related to Mary Poppins somehow? Maybe I'm reading too deeply into it, but I found it kinda puzzling, especially since the Bird Woman looked at her face, chuckled, and went on her way.
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Cast news!

Scarlett Strallen, who played Mary Poppins in West End (twice, if you want to be technical about it), will be heading over to Broadway to take over the role when Ashley Brown leaves.

I'm very excited for Scarlett, because it's her Broadway debut, and I know the fans there will be in for a treat because Scarlett is a really amazing Mary.

News links: Here, here and here.
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(credit to iamjoey_)

Results for Sweepstakes

Got some good news and bad news.

The good news: I won something =D
The bad news: I didn't win the trip =(

Thank you all so much for voting for me =) I wouldn't have won something if it wasn't for your and everyone's votes, so thanks for your hard effort! This was the e-mail I got in regards to the sweepstakes.

Dear Caitlin:

Congratulations! I’m excited to notify you that you were a runner-up in the Broadway World Supercal Sweepstakes! You have won an original
Mary Poppins cast album. Please reply with your mailing address (including your full name) so that I can send it out to you right away.

Thanks for participating and great job!

Ironically, I already got one LOL This was why I wanted to win the trip; I already have one, so now I'll have duplicates =P

Don't mean to rain on the event, but somehow, I had a feeling I wouldn't win. I don't mean to play the guilt trip now, but it is the truth. Anything on this big a scale, I never seem to win the grand prize. In fact, no matter how hard I try, I always seem to feel a small tinge that I won't win. I know, it's the one pessimistic side of me, but yeah [/rant]

Anyways, thanks again for all your work; it was greatly appreciated *grouphug*
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Mary Poppins Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Sweepstakes

***We interrupt this program to bring you a special news bulletin***

Hello all! I really don't post much on my LJ anymore, hence why I'm not as involved as I could be. In any case, I got some news to share.

On, they're holding a sweepstakes. You had to upload a video of yourself dancing to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, or at least the spelling part, then people vote. Whoever has the most votes gets to have a expense paid trip to NYC to see Mary Poppins!

Sadly, the contest reached its deadine on the 15th, and after the videos were nonexistent for the longest time, they're now up for voting. I did enter the contest and I would really appreciate it if you could vote for me, unless someone else on here also entered and wants some votes as well. In any case, my video's entry is towards the bottom, under the name "Caitlin D." If you like another video better, though, don't feel like you can't vote for them; I'm just doing this to spread the word to people who I felt would vote for me.

Here's the main page link:

**You may now continue with your regularly scheduled program***
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Mary Poppins understudies

So I saw on that Catherine Walker is going on as Mary this Wednesday through Friday, and it made me curious.  What do you guys think about the understudies performances?  On their own, or compared to Ashley Brown's?  Myself, I saw Megan Osterhaus and loved her--I wasn't disappointed in her performance at all.  Lover her voice, loved her interpretation, and thought she was very funny in the role.  But I'm curious about what you guys think, especially since I've heard good things about Catherine Walker, and I wasn't that impressed with the few recordings I've heard of Ashley Brown.  Anyways, what are your thoughts on the Mary understudies?

Another Shout Out for "Mary Poppoins: Anything Can Happen If You Let It"

I got the book yesterday along with Thomas Schumacher's (Disney Theatrical President) "How Does The Show Go On?" and I just LOVE both books!

I have been waiting for this "Anything Can Happen If You Let It" ever since I found about it on (like May 2006 or so?). It was funny as on Amazon, the book was listed as already published in UK, but it wasn't available in US. I even sent an e-mail Amazon asking when it'll be available and if I can import the book. Apparently it wasn't published but was planning to in UK first, then I guess because UK production announced its closing, the focus has shifted to Broadway production? (That was fine with me as I now see loads of Broadway cast photo in the book)

The book is filled with the production sketches, photos, as well as behind the scene stories. The early sketches for the stage are so interesting to see. Also, there are photos of touring production set models too. The front of the house opens up and the rooms inside come out. I'm not sure how they'll do the nursery room or kitchen, will they come from the wing?

The only drawback (to me) is that the book cover now has changed to Ashley Brown's Mary Poppins. Don't get me wrong, I love her, but the original (on Amazon anyway) cover was the original art work of UK production - Mary Poppins is formed with flowers in pink/blue - and I LOVE the art work. I'm still disappointed that they changed the poster to the current version.

Also Michael and Jane Banks photos seem to be skewed to certain actors (LOL). I don't mind too much but if I were the other actors who are not in the photo too often would have been disturbed ;-)

Anyway, if you order from Amazon, it's $31 and free shipping and it's a must for any MP fans.

BTW, "How Does The Show Go On?" is also an excellent introduction to the theatre for kids, and it contains lots of MP photos (back stage photo included) and even an adult can enjoy reading through it.
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Anything Can Happen If You Let It

Hi all! I've posted a few pictures I've taken of the new Mary Poppins book by Brian Sibley, Anything Can Happen If You Let It on my journal here. It's an awesome book, very beautifully put together and with plenty to read on the making of the musical, and I very much recommend it to any Mary Poppins fan. ♥
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US Tour!

A US Tour is in the works! Not for next year, sadly, but it's scheduled to start in March 2009 in Chicago! Article here.

I'm really happy that the show has been a success. ♥
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